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Bump Day Spa’s #SHEISDESERVING campaign is all about supporting women no matter who they are or where they are in their womanhood journey. We know there is more to motherhood than being pregnant and having a baby… It involves the highs and lows of trying to fall pregnant and pregnancy. It’s not limited to all aspects of parenting including the moments where we feel like we are thriving and empowered or alone and struggling. It reflects our ongoing legacy made through future generations as we grow watching our loved ones and daughters become mothers themselves… Through the good and the bad, no matter who she is… SHE IS DESERVING.

For us here at Bump Day Spa, “deserving” is about self care. We want to remove the stigma that self care is a luxury should be “earned”. We believe that self care is a necessity not only for physical health by for the emotional psychological well-being of every person. And while Bump Day Spa specialises in pre and post natal treatments, our mission is to provide space, time and a nurturing environment for every woman and their loved ones no matter who she is because SHE IS DESERVING.